I am desperately looking for the following books to add to my collection.

Four Poems by Sharon Vail. New York: Gemor Press, 1942. (Purchased from Triolet Rare Books)

Mujer, Estados Unidos de América: poema radiofónico by Tana De Gámez. New York: Gemor Press, 1946.

Nine Desperate Men by C. L. Baldwin. [New York] Gemor Press 1946. ( Was located for me by Steven)

He Disappeared into Complete Silence by Louise Bourgeois. Introduction by Marius Bewley. New York: Atelier 17; Printer of text: Gemor Press, printer of images: Atelier 17, 1947. ( I know I will never own this book but I can dream)

If you have these books or know where I can buy them I would be eternally grateful if you would email me at shaneaune@gmail.com. If you sell them to me they will never be resold and eventually donated along with the rest of my Gemor Press collection to a museum.



Current Gemor Press books in my Collection.

Winter of Artifice - Anaïs Nin - 1942

First Edition limited to 500 copies. It has been set by hand and printed by the author in Spartan type of twelve points on Copper Plate paper.

For the engravings on copper in the test and cover Ian Hugo has used the technique which William Blake called 'revealed' because it was revealed to him by his brother in a dream. This is the first time this technique, as developed by S.W. Hayter, has been employed since Blake invented it.

Four Poems - Sharon Vail - 1942

This first edition of Four Poems by Sharon Vail limited to one hundred copies handset in light italic Bernhard Gothic type of twelve point has been designed and edited by Caresse Crosby as a Christmas Gift and printed by the Gemor Press in the city of New York. December, 1942.

Crosby arranged for Anaïs Nin’s letterpress operation Gemor Press to print this collection of poems by Kay Boyle’s daughter. Although Black Sun is not mentioned anywhere in the publication, Minkoff nonetheless includes it in his bibliography (A-47). Crosby also commissioned Gemor to publish an augmented and translated edition of Paul Eluard and Max Ernst’s Misfortunes of the Immortals the following year.


Several Have Lived - Hugh Chisholm - 1942

This edition is limited to 500 copies. It has been entirely set by hand in Spartan type of twelve point and printed on Zurich paper. Typography and printing by the Gemor Press.

The cover of this book is completely blank except a small mounted plate. In the book there are two spectacular mounted plates all illustrated by Andre Masson.

The book contains prose & poetic work of American surrealist Hugh Chisholm. I do not know if this or Winter of Artifice was the first book printed at Gemor Press. Both were runs of 500 and used the same Spartan font. It was not until 1944 that Futura Light 14 was used.

Misfortune Of The Immortals - Max Ernst, Paul Eluard - 1943

Designed and published by Caresse Crosby of the Black Sun Press this book was printed at Gemor Press.  Hand set in Spartan type 12 point, limited to 610 copies of which, 600 are regular ones such as this and 10 copies special bound on rag paper and signed by the artist.

This is one of the earliest books printed at Gemor Press and one of my favourites not written by Nin. It is a reprint from the 1920 Paris edition and includes translations done by Hugh Chisholm. This book got me into the expensive habit of collecting Black Sun Press books. I only own a few and they are spectacular. I will set up a separate section on the website one day to show them off.

I did not include all of the pictures as there is one on every second page, just a few that I found interesting.


Alphabet Du Décor - Berthie Zilkha - 1944

The present edition is limited to three hundred copies, printed on Gilpin paper and set in Futura Light 14 point. Design, typography and printing by the Gemor Press. New York City, August 1944.

The pen drawings are done by Madison Wood.

I know very little about this book except what is written inside. There is no information online and I have only ever seen this one copy for sale. Unfortunately it's not in the best of condition as the cover is made out of a velvety material which has mostly rubbed off.

If you have any information about this book or if you see one for sale anywhere please let me know.


Ardentissima Cura - Bernardo Clariana - 1944

Limited edition. Octavo, 12 pp. One of 400 copies printed (July 1944), with Spanish language poem on verso and English translation on recto. Scarce work by Spanish exile poet calls on the Pope to confront the evils of fascism.

Ho! Watchman of the Night Ho! -  Lee Verduft - 1944

Cover Art by Mastrofski.

This first edition is limited to 300 copies. It has been set in Futura light italic 14 point and printed on Gladiator paper. Design typography and printing by the Gemor Press New York City December 1944.


Under A Glass Bell - Anaïs Nin - 1944

Second Edition limited to 800 copies. It has been set in Ligth Vougue Italic, ten point. Design, typography and printing by the Gemor Press. The cover and nine engravings by Ian Hugo have been printed in relief directly from the original plates.

This copy belonged to author Scott Cunningham, who wrote a few books on Wicca and other interesting topics. Anais must have missed the spell check as she has "sei" instead of "set" on the description page.

I have been looking for a first edition copy of this book for a while. They do come up but people are asking over a grand and I am broke from buying too many books. One day I will find a bargain.

QUINQUIVARA - C.L. Baldwin - 1944

This First edition is limited to 300 copies. It has been set in Futura lite italic 14 point and printed on Glasiator paper. Five of the engravings by Ian Hugo have been printed from reproductions of the originals and the one corresponding to the poem Once Upon A Time directly from the original copper plate. Design typography and printing by the Gemor Press New York City December 1944.


This Hunger - Anaïs Nin - 1945

The printing of this book was completed on the fifth of September 1945. It consists of one regular edition of 1000 copies, and one limited deluxe edition of 50 signed copies printed on Eururia paper, illustrated with 5 colored wood block prints by Ian Hugo. Design, typography and printing by the Gemor Press. New York City


This is the regular edition. If you have one of the 50 deluxe editions, Please let me know as I would like to have pictures of it.

Insert for This Hunger - 1945

This is a flyer given out at Gotham Book Mart or inserted into purchased books to preorder a copy of This Hunger for a whole three dollars.

Moods and Melodies - Henriette Reiss - 1946

Not much information about this book. It says its a second edition but I think it is second after the edition published by Valencia Press in 1933. This is the only copy I have found for sale online. Its not as high quality as other books printed at Gemor press. The paper is quite thin and the cover is very fragile.



Nine Desperate Men - C.L. Baldwin - 1946

This first edition of Nine Desperate Men, limited to one hundred copies, has been composed in twelve point Baskerville and printed on white Corsican paper. The illustrations by Dicki have been reproduced from original pen and ink drawings. Design, typography, and printing by the Gemor Press. New York June 1946.


This book proved to be elusive until a reader of this website spotted it for sale in an auction down in Florida. Since this is the only copy I have seen for sale in the last 20 years, I had to have it. It was not cheap after paying the winning bid, auction fee, shipping and import duty, but having it in hand makes it all worth it. Thank you so much Steven I really appreciate you took the time to email me.



Rendezvous with Spain - Bernardo Clariana - 1946

Rendezvous with Spain: A poem: Bernardo Clariana: Translated by Dudley Fitts and illustrated by Julio de Diego.

This first edition of Rendezvous With Spain is limited to 520 copies, of which 100 copies have been printed in Black and White, 400 in color, and 20 deluxe copies have been hand colored by the artist. This edition has been printed on Corsican antique white paper. Design, composition and printing by the Gemor Press. New York May 1946.

This copy is one of the 400 color editions. The color on the inside art is very bright and attractive. If you see one of the hand colored deluxe editions please let me know.

A Child Born Out Of The Fog - Anaïs Nin - 1947

6 page soft cover. First publication of this essay. The last page has an advertisement for the limited edition of House of Incest.

On Writing - Anaïs Nin - 1947

29 page soft cover with an essay on her art by William Burford. The Alicat Bookshop, Outcast Chapbooks No. 11. 1,000 copies (of which 750 are for sale) were set up and printed in August, 1947 by the Gemor Press, New York City, and type Distributed, Alicat Copyright 1947.

I was not aware that any of the Outcast series of Chap-books were printed at Gemor Press until this copy came up for sale. I have Realism and Reality as well as New Eyes On The Art Of Engraving and they were both printed else where. I was very excited to find another piece of Gemor Press history that I did not know existed.

House of Incest - Anaïs Nin - 1947

House of Incest is a slim volume of 72 pages written by Anaïs Nin. Originally published in 1936, it is Anaïs Nin's first work of fiction. But unlike her diaries and erotica, House of Incest does not detail the author's relationships with famous lovers like Henry Miller, nor does it contain graphic depiction of sex. Rather, House of Incest is a surrealistic look within the narrator's subconscious mind as she attempts to escape from a dream in which she is trapped, or in Nin's words, as she attempts to escape from "the woman's season in hell."

This copy is very attractive and signed by the author on the first page. I am unable to find information on how many were printed. There were 50 deluxe editions printed which I have seen pictures of and would like to like to own someday.

Preface To Henry Miller's Tropic Of Cancer - Anaïs Nin - 1947

I do not know much about this one or even for sure that it was printed at Gemor Press. The date, font and general feel of the pamphlet tells me it was. If anyone has any solid evidence that this was printed elsewhere please let me know.

Inside is a beautiful picture of Anais herself and a few advertisements for other books.  I have both "Realism and Reality" printed at Alicat Book Shop and a copy of "Ladders to Fire" printed at E.P. Dutton & Co. One day I will make a non Gemor section on the website and post all my other interesting Anais Nin treasures.

Grand Ballet de Monte Carlo - Gonzalo More - 1949

I am a bit confused by this book and can find no record of it anywhere. It has Gemor Press on the back and title page but its obviously printed somewhere else. Its not printed like other Gemor Press books. Its much larger and has lithographs inside. It is however very beautiful and well put together. I did not take pictures of all the pages but there are many pictures of ballerinas and Salvador Dali prints.

I have only ever seen this one copy and have been unable to find any information on it. It's printed in french which I can not read but I will try and get it translated. If you have any information on this book I would like to hear from you.